Meet Dr. John Pinghero

Dr. John Pinghero grew up in Florida, and after graduating from high school, pursued a pre-medical education at the University of Florida (GO GATORS). He graduated in 1995 with a Bachelor degree in Microbiology and a minor in Chemistry, and is a US Army Veteran.

Upon graduation, he worked for a year at a local hospital, in the pathology department. During that year, he got to know a local Chiropractor, and was impressed in regards to the results patients received with Chiropractic care. A decision was made to become a Chiropractor, and he enrolled at National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, Illinois. The Doctor of Chiropractic, as well as an additional Bachelor’s degree, was awarded in 1997.

Out of school, Dr. Pinghero moved to Ohio to be closer to his family, and begin working as a Chiropractor. He worked with an area Chiropractor for a year, and then started in a new practice, and still practices there to this day. Atlantic Chiropractic, established in 2001, has steadily grown through the years to provide quality Chiropractic care, as well as associated therapy and rehabilitation for many types of injuries.

Dr. Pinghero has extensive experience with personal injury and workers’ compensation. Providing treatment to injured workers has always been a passion, in an effort to provide treatment, ensure injured workers obtain all the appropriate benefits, and return them successfully to the workplace.

Additional Certifications Dr. Pinghero has obtained during his practice include: certification for peer review, examiner for Permanent Partial Examinations (C92) for injured workers, certification in NCV and Needle EMG examinations, and most recently, completed a course for being a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician. Treatment methods include diversified technique and flexion-distraction. A multi-disciplinary approach is utilized for treatment of the patient, including Chiropractic, therapy and physical rehabilitation, as well as medical co-management as needed.

Dr. Pinghero works with many area specialists, and can obtain the appropriate consultation/referrals as needed, based upon the patient’s condition.