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Hip Pain

Hip Pain Treatments in Fairlawn with Atlantic Medical Group in Canton



Hip pain or sacroiliac joint pain (SI joint pain), is one of the most common conditions that Doctors of Chiropractic diagnose and treat.

Pain in the hips can come from many different causes, and the source of the pain needs to be accurately determined before any treatment is started.

The SI joints are located at the base of the low back (near the low back dimples), between two adjoining parts of the pelvis; the sacrum and the ilium. The SI joints are found at the point where the sacrum and the ilium join to form the posterior aspect of the pelvis.

When describing SI joint pain, patients often describe their pain as originating in their “lower back or hip”. The true hip joints are located in a different location than the sacroiliac joints, however, pain may radiate out from the SI joints to the sides of the body towards the hips, causing confusion about where the pain is actually originating.


Common features of SI joint pain include:

  • Pain on one or both sides over the pelvic joints and into the buttocks
  • Pain in the buttock, back of the leg, the front of the thigh or deep in the groin
  • Pain is often noticed after lifting or twisting or can develop gradually or suddenly
  • Pain is worse when sitting and aggravated by forward bending or lifting one leg
  • Increased weight bearing such as standing on one leg often increases the pain
  • Lying down may ease the pain; although rolling over is often described as an aggravating factor



To treat your hip pain, our trained doctors will examine your hip and also your spine, gait, and posture. Treatment will usually involve the hip, pelvis, and spine as well as specific stretching exercises to get to the core of the problem. Opting for a more natural treatment plan for hip pain can help you avoid the costs and risks of surgery and drugs over a longer period.  

Chiropractic adjustments directed at the SI joints are very effective in restoring normal motion in the joints; relaxing the muscles and surrounding ligaments and significantly reducing both lower back and hip pain.

Dr. John Pinghero can diagnose and treat your hip/pelvic pain and help your spine and pelvis to return to normal function.


If you would like more information about our integrated medical care approach for hip and pelvic pain, please contact us today!

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