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Relief for Back Pain?

Back pain is one of the common complaints causing us distress and is severe enough to keep us away from our day to day work. It affects 80% of Americans at least once in their lifetime.

Back pain is easily in the top 5 reasons people tend to visit the doctor. A sedentary lifestyle, faulty food habits, obesity are increasingly affecting the back of people and leading to some or other issues.

To find relief for back pain, the following points are very important to know.


What causes back pain? 

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Back pain often starts gradually and with low intensity which increases in severity over a period of time if not paid attention to treat it.

In more than 50% of cases of back pain, the major reason is faulty habits, bad posture, and obesity. All of these give undue pressure on the vertebral column or back muscles and gives rise to back pain. In the rest of the cases, accidental injury, muscle straining, or sports injuries, some diseases of the musculoskeletal system produces symptoms of back pain.

The muscles of the back become very stiff and spinal joints become less mobile and smoothness of the joint movement decreases due to all the above reasons. So it gives rise to back pain in that particular area.


“Prevention is better than cure”

Back pain is many times relieved and even preventable when a few lifestyle changes are made. Fitness exercises and weight management are directly connected to our back care.

Dramatica relief of back pain is noted following weight loss in obese patients. For those who are living a sedentary life because of the tight schedules of job and family life, they tend to suffer from back pain more often.

To get an almost permanent relief of back pain, it is advised to engage in some sports activity or mild exercises at least 3 times a week.


Home care for back pain

  • Have proper rest and good sleep at least 6 to 8 hours per day.
  • Do some stretching exercises on waking up.
  • Have hot water or ice fomentation on the back. 
  • Avoid prolonged sitting, have some movements, or walk a few steps in between.
  • Change of mattress in terms of soft to hard. Lying on a hard surface gives better support to the spine and relieves back pain. 
  • Use proper posture while at home in sitting, walking, or lying especially when using the computer or watching TV.

Get help from your local Chiropractor 


chiropractor Atlantic Medical Group Canton Ohio

Chiropractors are widely used as the main treatment for all types of back pain. This treatment method is directly focused on muscles, ligaments, joints, bones, and connective tissues, etc., which are responsible for the production of pain, so the result is quick and long-lasting.

The chiropractor uses techniques by manual adjustments of the affected muscles and structures to treat the back pain. The unique method of spinal decompression therapy has been proven extremely useful in the treatment of a variety of back pain. It does not give temporary relief but an almost permanent relief from back pain in many of the cases. 

The major benefit is that by chiropractic treatment one can definitely keep oneself away from the spinal surgery to relieve back pain. It produces favorable conditions for the body tissue to heal naturally so assists in a permanent relief for back pain.

So, in short, do not ignore the early symptoms of back pain because if overlooked today it might be more distressing tomorrow. Get early help and live pain-free!


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